Low Resolution Logo Problem

 Recreating a low resolution logo for Printing purposes.

Recreating a low resolution logo for Printing purposes.


Have been finding that Google Adwords has been brilliant for driving business to my website, recently had some new clients after increasing the area reached by my ad. One client just had a low res version of a logo that they needed to recreate in high res for printing purposes, it's so easy to lose that vital file! While it's easy to reduce an image to low resolution if you don't have the original high res version, you just can't enlarge a low res, it's all about the pixels.... no amount of scanning or photographing will work, it's always going to look pixilated. I used Adobe Illustrator to trace over the fuzzy low res file and recreate the logo. although I had to shrink it right down a recreate the finer details by eye, as they got lost in the fuzz! This is quite a straight forward task as I was not being asked to design the logo and was therefore able to complete the work in just over an hour. Hoping the customer was happy and can now go on to create foils, t-shirts, flags and banners!

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