I'm on Picfair!

Feeling fantastic that I have finally got some photography in a Stock Library. Having spent countless (and I mean COUNTLESS) hours grazing through gazillions of photos in stock libraries thinking 'I really should be uploading my own images', but being intimidated by the whole copyright issue, are they mine? are they now not mine?- I have finally  decided that Picfair, named justly so as the photographer retains copyright and we price our own photos, is the place to offer up my images to the world of social media marketing.

I like the fact that so much of the power behind social media actually lies behind the power of an image. With the speed at which we finally acknowledged this, many a stolen photograph has caused a photographer much heartache. Often people think that if a photo is on the internet, its fair game. But this is not so. If marketing managers for large global companies, or small local businesses want to use any of my photos they can now pay the photographer honestly for it. The price for mine is very fair, starting at £10, if you are using instagram, and want to post a locally shot, recent image to get engagement for your brand, social media is a great medium, but don't forget you need a really good photo, and if your not a creative person who loves taking photos, that can be difficult. With Picfair you can select your image and use it as your own. Creatively restricted no more!