If you own a business or are starting up a new business venture, you may have considered saving some money and designing your website yourself. Companies like Squarespace, Wordpress and Wix are making it easier to build a website using templates, with SEO often promised as being integrated as part of the process. This can seem exciting, and it is quite rewarding when you finish, but there can be a few complications along the way. The first time I used word press I found that the whole process was actually quite complicated. I was a adding information in places, without really understanding why and there were some things I really could just not understand. I spent hours learning how I could just build the most simple of pages. Here are a few reasons why its often more economical in the short term and in the long term to hire a professional designer, with experience and an understanding of how to maximise your websites impact on your potential future clients. 

Customising Templates

A professional designer will know how important it is to design a website that suits your business.  An experienced designer will research your market, assess the competition to make sure that your image will appeal to the right clients sending a message of assurance and credibility for your brand. Also we will pick the right template for the job. I use Squarespace, because I find them to be the most intuitive to use, the SEO is effectively built in and very natural, they are design-led, so you can always find a template that suits your needs and is sure to look fabulous. Every website has its own purpose, wether it is to generate online sales or drawing customers to ‘walk-in’ to your business or just to inform customers of your services, it's important to get the right function within your template. With Squarespace the templates are very easily customised, there is an almost unlimited amount of ways to change the colours and spacing of text, set the typefaces to match your choice, edit photos, upload images to galleries. the design-ability of the templates is very adaptable. A professional designer will be creating a site for you that will serve your needs as the primary function and look fresh and slick too!


Visual Graphics and Design.

The right typeface, the right colours, or knowing how to integrate existing branding into your website are so important in sending out the right visual signals to your prospective clients. A professional designer will know about colour psychology, how to draw a persons eye, create easy to read text and fill the viewer with confidence in your services. Often colour trends and trends in typography can be a powerful impact on the position in your market.


Keeping up with the Technology

The internet is a very organic creature, growing, changing all the time. Things that web programmers were so good at doing years ago have now been so easily integrated in template design. Google itself has changed the way it searches for your website. It looks more for natural links and tends to reject your site if it has been bombarded with links and keywords. This is Google Panda, and In my experience it means that by providing fresh content, Google is analysing your users intent, resulting in a using more natural approach to getting your website noticed and applying this method to your SEO will be rewarded in your higher search rankings. Using a professional to make sure your SEO settings are utilised properly can help you achieve a higher result in traffic to your website.



However easy the template makes it to add SEO into the design process you still have to makes sure you are adding the right keywords in the right way. This is where hiring a professional can also pay in benefits. Additionally I add the websites I design on Squarespace to Google. This involves adding sitemaps, and indexing. Google Adwords is also a part of SEO that you should budget for. A professional can make sure that your website gets great ranking and as far up that google search page as possible. Using Social media can improve your visibility in the market, but don’t rely on it to move you up the page on a Google search. If you choose to ignore SEO then you will be creating a website that no one is going to find unless you give them the address to tap in, which is not the purpose of a good website, your website should be doing a lot of your legwork for you. If you wish to take your SEO even further then hiring a marketing company is highly advisable.


DNS Settings

If you have bought a domain name, how do you get it to point to your website?, Well the answer to that it, its different every time depending on who is hosting your website. To set this up requires delving into the inner workings of your domain service provider and can be a major headache. Its one of the most frustrating parts, and one of the most satisfying for you if you relying on someone else doing it for you!

Website design is so important, at the end of the day its representing you and your service or product. A poorly designed website can put your clients off. There is no need to take this risk when its so cost effective to get a professional to create a fully functional and beautifully designed website for your business.

New Website for Midori Consulting by Jaggerdesign.

New Website for Midori Consulting by Jaggerdesign.

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