Spark Pages

Elemental Quilting.png

Adobe has some great apps for creating social media, one is Spark Page, where you can create a beautiful web story of your own. The layouts are gorgeous, and you can access tonnes of free stock images if you need to. The page moves nicely as it scrolls up and down -it's called a 'Glideshow' apparently. You can then share away across social media.  I find that this particularly suits a photography based feature and created one about my time in Greece photographing my mum's beautiful handmade quilts.

Photographing Quilts in the Greek Sunshine.




Emily Jagger

Website design & management, social media and print. Specialising in working with artists makers and creatives to get the website they can envisage on a budget they can manage. I combine my 20 years of experience working in Photography in the National Press with my design skills to create beautiful, functional websites and e-stores using the Squarespace platform.