New! Marketing Service for The New Forest.

New! Marketing Service for The New Forest.

As a small business, using social media and blogging have become important tools to market yourself effectively. It’s easy to leave marketing out of the budget, but as we grow successful our time becomes quickly taken up by actually working at what we love, and 9 times out of ten - that’s not going to be marketing! 

We will all find that there are times when we could do with a bit more work in the diary, so marketing is always going to be a very important part of running and growing your business. Websites and SEO have changed dramatically over the last few years. It has become a race to the top of the google pages! The best way to get there is by producing fresh organic quality content on a regular basis.  

Google is designed to try and look for organic content over ‘intensive farming’ techniques' often seen in SEO so this really leaves website owners two choices:

1) Set a budget for advertising each month with Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram.

2) Use the power of The Word, The Photograph, The Hashtag and… Create your own content. 

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I would like to offer a basic marketing service designed specifically for small business owners in The New Forest area, where we meet once a month, devise a plan, I action this plan, which (for example) could be in the form of:

  • Branded social media content.

  • Hash tagging your images on Instagram effectively.

  • Producing blog posts optimised for SEO.

  • Sending out marketing emails to your mailing list, & help you grow a mailing list! 

  • A quick rundown on your websites analytics at the end of each month to update you on your websites (& my) performance.  

Designed to be natural, regular and honest. Everything I do, you will be able to say reflects your business accurately and honestly, no clever tricks, no mysterious black hats! We can get as creative as you are willing to be, or just cover the basics -you will stay in the drivers seat. 

I have priced this service at £50 a month, in the hope that it becomes a regular investment. If you would like to find out what we could include in this amount for your business just email, or call me. We can have a chat about how I can help you to get on with what you want to be doing and leave the marketing to me! 

I’m just getting started with this additional service. It may be that it changes form as it develops! If you are interested and would like to stay updated please subscribe to my newsletter and I will keep you informed.

Thank you!

Emily 07484171185

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