Website Design for Big Data Storage Specialist, Netscion.

Website Design by Jaggerdesign in Lymington

Happy to share my latest website! Netscion helps television companies deal with the immense amounts of data. It’s very technical, and I’m not going to pretend I know much about it, but the website looks great with some fantastic images for each page. Choosing photography is my favourite part of my job, I don’t always get to choose, but this time I did. I loved picking images that are quite abstract, it’s actually quite hard to do. Dealing with the abstract is always tricky as it often feels easier to resort to being very literal, which can be… well boring! Hopefully, the images here will help to portray the function of data storage, and help illustrate the purpose of the company in a creative and attractive way.

Web designer, Emily Jagger in Lymington, Hampshire
Website Designer, Emily Jagger, Lymington Hampshire
Squarespace website, built by local designer in Lymington, Emily Jagger.

Photography is a great tool for engaging interest and expressing emotion. If you would like me to help with a website for your company, get in touch, I’ll be happy to help!

Emily Jagger

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