New Website for Midori Consulting by Jaggerdesign.

When Kate first approached me with her 3 pages of text for her business to business services company, Midori Consulting, I was slightly concerned about how I was going to turn the text into an engaging website. I started to highlight parts of the text, and break it down into sections. the general sentiment started to become clear and I started browsing through Getty Images looking for images that could engage the reader. I have had previous experience tracking down images for the city section of the Sunday Express, and I know that its all to easy to cheesy photographic stock images. Having full creative control however I was given the freedom to be more abstract and creative, and tried to connect the images to Kate's green ethos. The best bit about creating this website for Midori Consulting was learning from Kate about how we all should be working towards a purpose, and that the purpose should not always be purely to make profit.  Theres more to it of course - May I recommend further reading at

Emily Jagger

Website design & management, social media and print. Specialising in working with artists makers and creatives to get the website they can envisage on a budget they can manage. I combine my 20 years of experience working in Photography in the National Press with my design skills to create beautiful, functional websites and e-stores using the Squarespace platform.