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Marketing Collateral for local business in Lymington

I’m currently working hard on branching out to new clients and offering new services here at Jaggerdesign.

My client Vitality Care, recently asked for some material to post to her Instagram. I used some of the images that were taken by local photographer Carrie Bugg for the Vitality Care website and combined these with testimonials, inspirational quotes and motivational messages of positivity all relevant to Vitality Care. I then used my design and illustration skills to produce a range of branded images - using her company logo and colour scheme to follow with her brands guidelines.

New Website created for Hair and Make-up Artist...

This week I completed a website for another local creative, Hair and Make-up Artist, Joe Hopker.

Joe, being obviously very talented has worked on some amazing films. It was a blast from the past pulling together all the photography from the films Joe has worked on. Bringing me back to my days on the Sunday Express, captioning film stills! It was great to be working with Joe, hoping this website serves her well as a source for future employers.