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Website Design for Big Data Storage Specialist, Netscion.

Choosing photography is my favourite part of my job, I don’t always get to choose, but this time I did! I loved picking images that are quite abstract, it’s actually quite hard to do! Dealing with the abstract is always tricky as it often feels easier to resort to being very literal, which can be… well boring! Hopefully the images here will help to portray the function of data storage, and help illustrate the purpose of the company in a creative and attractive way.

New Website created for Hair and Make-up Artist...

This week I completed a website for another local creative, Hair and Make-up Artist, Joe Hopker.

Joe, being obviously very talented has worked on some amazing films. It was a blast from the past pulling together all the photography from the films Joe has worked on. Bringing me back to my days on the Sunday Express, captioning film stills! It was great to be working with Joe, hoping this website serves her well as a source for future employers.